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The Neck Joint The Neck Joint

What is neck joint or ghost mannequin

The Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint is about separating a dummy or doll from an incomplete or dummy part and creating a part that cannot be clearly seen with the same piece of cloth. The dress is not fully visible as it is worn on dolls or dummies. And then you have complete that incomplete picture after photo manipulation or neck joint. This is one of the photo editing services. It takes a lot of creativity and ingenuity to do this. Notable among the Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint work are women’s bras or intimate clothing, T-shirts, shorts, etc.

The neck joints of all these garments have become a special fashion. All these garments are first worn by a dummy or doll. And because of the wear on such stands, the clothes are not clearly visible everywhere. So they have to be cleaned through photo manipulation or neck joint service. Suppose you are an online clothes seller. Now if your clothes are cut or twisted, it will never look good. And since you are an online merchant, so are your targets and online customers. And online means just shopping without any touch.

Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a few. So no one will ever want to buy clothes if they look imperfect. So the clothes have to be made perfectly through Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint Service and the buyers have to pay attention. We can offer you Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint Services for 100% guaranteed work at low prices, we are sure you will come to the right decision with our choice.

Those who need a neck joint

The demand for online services in the world market is increasing day by day. Those who are online clothing retailers want to get the services of a professional nick joint service provider to make their clothing or product more attractive. There are many buyers who do not want to see dummy or doll wear online. So with all of this in mind, online garments retailers need a nick joint service to increase their store sales and to complement clothing by separating clothing from dummy.

The Nick Joint Service process is very common for costume photographers or e-commerce photographers. This is because they need to use regular stand or doll or dummy services to create perfect images for use in online stores or websites. And there is always a creative and skilled team of pixel clipping paths to solve all these tasks. Those who are ready to give high quality work within the stipulated time as per the demand of the clients. Client satisfaction is our main goal. If you want to get high quality work, we will first advise you to use our free trial option. Then at the same time you can work with us and verify why we are the best

Type of Ghost Mannequin or neck joint

After wearing a dress on a doll or a dummy, their invisible parts need to be created at a time after the photo shoot. It has several sections, the most notable of which are: 

(1) Nick Joint

After removing the stand from shirts, pants, bras, t-shirts, tops, etc., the back of the stand or dummy remains empty. The gaps then need to be filled with similar clothing pieces by Nick Joint Services. Then make a full dress and catch the eye of the buyer

What is Sleeve joint

The joint service used in Photoshop to make visible or complete the invisible space under the sleeve is called sleeve joint. Clothing sleeves are not visible due to the presence of dummy or doll clothing. This is done through the Photoshop service of a photo editing service provider.

Neck Joint Neck Joint
Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin

What is the lower joint of Ghost Menu Queen

Long tail dress which looks much longer piston than the front part. In that case a doll or dummy photography is required. The dolls are then separated first through the Photoshop service and the costumes are completed by separating the costumes and merging them with the back. In this way the garments get a higher value and the business grows

What is a transparent ghost mannequin?

The Transparent Ghost Mannequin section is more complex than all other neck joint sections. This service is used in the case of clean clothing. Clean clothing takes a lot of creativity and skill to create a nick joint. So we have a completely separate team to handle the work of the Transparent Ghost Mannequin Department. These are much more creative and efficient than all the other designers. Everything in the back is visible through the fabric inside the front. This is one of the most complex services in Photoshop. If you need Transparent Ghost Mannequin section feel free to contact us and try your best to create a brand for your business.

Ghost Mannequin Ghost Mannequin