Clipping path Service

Clipping Path Service is used when some objectionable objects appear in the background of your important photo. The Clipping Path Service technique is the easiest and most creative way to remove photo backgrounds from photos. This service creates a perfect vector line around the original image and presents the original image by deleting any unwanted objects. As a clipping path service provider, Pixel Clipping Path provides the best quality clipping path service worldwide. We follow other techniques to separate the original image from the noise background.

Our expert staff uses the Photoshop Pen tool to meet the needs of our clients. Although there are some other tools apart from the pen tool, our expert staff prefers and uses the pen tool to deliver 100% accurate work. So pen tool acts as our main weapon for perfect and accurate service.

Pixel Clipping Path provides clipping path services to online clients, advertisers and professional photographers. If you are an online retailer, a mind blowing, dazzling picture will increase your sales and create a brand value for your business. So the Clipping Path service is essential for perfecting the images needed by every photographer and online retailer.

Type of Clipping Path Service

Professional photographers and those who are involved in online business are constantly trying to attract buyers with professional looks in their e-commerce sector. A good vector line and clipping path is needed first to give any photo a professional look. This is a very simple service. But in many cases, the background of some complex images is so blurry and dark or a mixture of extra light that it becomes very difficult for the general service provider. Then a professional Clipping Path Service provider is needed. So in order to get the right job and improve product quality we have divided our staff into different sectors according to performance.

An e-commerce businessman or photographer will not have just one product. A photographer or retailer may have a variety of item products. These can be simple products or complex products. So we have the divided the clipping path service into 3 levels based on different products. Normal and medium and complex and super complex.


General clipping path are usually required for single product or round, or egg-shaped images that require fewer path points. All of these product items include mobile covers, balls, eggs, finger rings, boxes and more. We use simple clipping path for such product items. Easy Clipping Path  is a strategy that catches the eye of buyers.

A typical clipping path usually costs less than a medium and complex clipping path service. If your products are single or ball, egg, shaped, as a professional clipping path provider, we will provide you Normal clipping path service. Pixel Clipping Path can provide you with this service if you want to communicate your photos at low cost.



Medium-sized photos are usually out of shape. Medium clipping path is a little more complicated than regular clipping path service. Medium clipping path is required when an image background with a hard edge needs to be removed. Pixel Clipping Path The company’s expert staff draws multiple clipping paths or anchors for complex images.

In case of selection of medium type pictures such as: – Shoes, statues, flowers, children’s toys etc. This type of photo background requires more time and skill than a typical clipping path service. But Pixel Clipping Path offers competitive price¬†because our expert staff can edit a medium clipping path with great skill and speed.

Complex / Super Complex Clipping Path Service

Complex path services tend to be slightly different from normal and moderate clipping path services. There’s a lot to be said for all images that require complex clipping paths. Such images require a lot of time and skill. Selection of images with complex clipping paths such as: – necklaces, images of trees, flowers, chandeliers etc. are typical examples of these. Removing unwanted objects from the background of such photos requires special techniques and skills.

Such images can cause a lot of trouble to remove the background without much skill. Complex images require much more time than simple and medium images. So the cost of complex clipping path service is also a bit high. Because Such images require multiple paths. Removing complex photo backgrounds requires long-term experience and expertise. So a long experience team and pixel clipping path gives you the highest quality and assurance to create a brand for your product.